How to Keep a Man’s Attention Focused on You

As women grow older with age, they tend to develop a mild case of inferiority complex. They feel like they are not who they used to be and that their partner does not see them the same way but rather in a more platonic way. This could develop into a bigger problem that may break a person and cause them to resort to plastic surgery that can be risky and cause unwanted health problems.

So, how do we deal with this rising issue among women? Well, Maine boudoir photographer Catherine J. Gross might just be your solution to this common misconception. A wise woman once said, “Men are visual creatures,” and she is absolutely right; men often forget about a woman once she is out of his peripheral vision or he deemed the woman unattractive. This might be because there is a lack of communication going on and physical touching involved that could spice up your sex lives. We give you these top tips on how to keep your man’s attention focused on you:

  • Wear Makeup

Sexy Girl Photoshoot

Makeup to women is like Excalibur to King Arthur. It is a powerful ally that can help you make your man unable to keep his hands away from you! Using makeup shows that you care about your overall appearance and what others think of you. Makeup can also allow you to exude an aura of confidence and beauty that men find appealing. Spice it up a bit, put a little makeup on, and we guarantee your man will fall in love with you all over again.

  • Wear Something Sexy

Sexy Woman

If makeup is your weapon, then lingerie is your shining armor. Before going to war, you will need to wear armor. Lingerie can help a woman feel feminine as they accentuate her natural curves and show more skin than you usually would allow. These natural characteristics of a woman are what make men go crazy after them. By wearing lingerie, you are lighting a spark in a man’s heart and turning it into a blazing fire of intimacy and love that will instill in them a deep sense of appreciation that will leave an indelible mark in their mind with the message “my wife is the most beautiful woman on the planet, that is why I choose her in the first place!”.

  • Surprise Him

In a war, having the element of surprise can turn the tides around. It is a game-changer that most people don’t expect and can catch them off guard. Try being a bit friskier and more assertive, do a boudoir photo shoot, and surprise him with the results. Send him your beautiful photos as a gift. We are sure that seeing you being a sexy momma will invigorate him and keep your marriage fun and strong!

Marriage is where happiness can be found. But most couples don’t feel that way because of a lack of communication between what they both want. Perhaps this phase could be a good self-discovery journey for both that can be an enjoyable and unique experience.…

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