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How to Manage Arthritis in Dogs

Studies indicate that about twenty percent of dogs get arthritis at some point in its life. The condition can be extremely uncomfortable for the dog. Unfortunately, there is no way of curing the progressive condition. However, you can manage it and make the dog a lot more comfortable. Below are a few of the ways you can manage arthritis in dogs.

Weight Control

The heavier your dog is, the more pain and discomfort it will experience from arthritis. That is because the bodyweight exerts more pressure on the joints, resulting in increased inflammation and pain. Helping your dog lose extra body weight will help manage the condition and minimize the symptoms. To help your dog lose weight, consider giving it a weight loss diet. Exercising can also help, but you need to choose the right types of exercises to ensure they do not make the condition worse. The exercise you choose should depend on how much the condition has progressed.

Using Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

You can also use NSAIDs to manage the symptoms of arthritis in dogs. Such medications usually help to reduce inflammation and alleviate pain. You can buy some of the medicines without a prescription. However, vets usually recommend a blood test before any anti-inflammatory drug is given to a dog. The blood test helps to determine if the dog’s kidneys and liver are in good condition and can handle the medication.

Another option for pain management that is becoming quite popular is the use of CBD oil. The increasing popularity behind cbd for dogs with arthritis is attributed to its effectiveness in relieving pain without causing any side effects. It also does not interact with other drugs.

Physical Rehabilitation

Physical rehabilitation can also help to manage arthritis in dogs. Such include physiotherapy, ultrasound therapy, and electric stimulation, among many others. Most of the techniques used in physical rehabilitation revolve around massaging, stretching, and strengthening the muscles that support the affected joints.sick pet


When the condition becomes severe, most vets usually recommend surgery. Surgery can help to reduce the related pain and increase the function of the affected joints. One of the common surgeries performed to manage the condition is called arthroscopic surgery. The surgeon makes small incisions through which he can clean cartilage debris from the joint. Surgery can also be aimed at fusing joints, repairing bone deformity, or rebuilding the joint. In extreme cases, the entire joint can be replaced with an artificial one.


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How to Find the Best CBD Products for Animals

There are many cannabinoids in a cannabis plant. One of the most commonly used compounds is cannabidiol (CBD). Thanks to top platforms, finding the best CBD products is fast and easy. It is because CBD has very many health benefits, and it is a non-psychoactive compound. It means that it does not have the effects of a mind high. Therefore, cannabidiol can be used by people of all ages. Other than people, animals are now also using CBD products. The health benefits that come along with using CBD products also work in animals. Due to this, some pet owners now regularly use CBD on their animals. Here are some ways in which you can find the best CBD Products for animals.

Ask People

cbd dog treatThere could be several people in your area who have come across or bought CBD products for animals. These are the people you should get this information from because they would be able to give you a lot of details. You can inquire about the pricing of the different CBD products and which ones are the best for pets. Someone who has bought CBD products for pets before can be the best guide on shopping for these products. They can also tell you which product is much easier to use. If you want to save money, you can ask to know the most efficient ones for your pet.

Online Research

Search the internetThe internet is a great took and can be used to find almost anything. In this digital era, many things can be done when you are just seated on your couch. You can also search for the best CBD products for your pet and start shopping immediately from the comfort of your home. The package will arrive on your doorstep in not so long a time. Online you may find customer reviews, the proper licenses and certificates and other official documents of the supplier you want to use. It gives you much insight into making your decision.


One of the most important things to do whenever shopping is observing the brand you are buying. First, make sure that the brand is trustworthy and reputable enough. You can know this by searching for their rankings on the internet or from customer reviews. If the brand you choose is transparent with all the information such as the lab test results, that is a good one. It will help if you avoid a brand that does not openly display these documents.

Using the tips listed above, you should have an easy time getting the best products for your pets and animals.…

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Guide to Buying CBD Dog Products

With the popularity of CBD or medical marijuana on humans, some pet owners show concern about CBD’s suitability on their pets. While research is still ongoing, it has been established that CBD can be used to treat or manage some health conditions in dogs. CBD dog treats can help manage anxiety, pain, joint problems, and anxiety, among other conditions. Are you shopping for the best cbd dog treats for your canine friend? If yes, here are some factors to consider before buying CBD. 


CBD is extracted from both cannabis and hemp plants. However, CBD extracted from marijuana usually has a small THC concentration; the psychotic component that makes you feel high when using marijuana. Giving your pet CBD with dissolved THC means that it will have a similar impact on your pet. Other effects of THC on dogs include vomiting and diarrhea. In light of this, always make sure that the CBD you are using does not have any THC.


A certification label on any product is usually a testament to the fact that it is safe to use. In most cases, this certification report is informed by lab results, including whether the product has THC or not. Other details found in the certification report include microbial tests, heavy metal tests, and pesticide tests. If you cannot find the certification details on the label, you can look for them on the seller’s website.

Broad Spectrum CBD

You do not have to limit your options to pure CBD. Provided there is no psychoactive element. It is advisable to buy your canine friend broad-spectrum CBD products. Broad-spectrum CBD products are beneficial to a pet’s health as they contain a variety of nutrients and cannabinoids that could be beneficial to the pet’s health. In light of this, avoid CBD isolate, which has only CBD.


cbd dog treat

Besides looking at the nature of ingredients and the ingredients’ quality, you also need to pay attention to the price. While most CBD pet products are relatively affordable, some might be too costly. Looking at different products, you can quickly tell the recommended market prices. From there, you should avoid outliers, which could be too expensive or cheap.

Finding the right CBD for your dog is critical. However, you should be ready to do due diligence to improve your chances of getting the right product.  

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